The GB1 of Game Composites certified in Europe

Philipp Steinbach made a remarkable debut in the construction of aerobatic aircraft with Sbach aircraft before launching Xtreme Air XA41 and XA42 (now owned by a Chinese group). This outfielder of international level had made his classes, since 1997, in the ULM, by signing the Impulse. In early 2013, he created Game Composites to launch, from Great Britain, the design of the first Game Bird.

The GB1, Fun Flying

Promised as a “fun flying” machine offering “turboprop speeds at the price of a single-piston engine”, the GB1 had to stand out from the other two-seater outfitters with performance similar to that of single-seaters, true versatility and ease of piloting. Attention has therefore been paid to efficiency, lightness, habitability and comfort. Design, construction and experiments were conducted at record speed, while the production site of Game Composites was installed in Arkansas.

The GB1: 585 kg empty, 880 kg maximum take-off weight, +/- 10G. © J.M. Ulracher / Game Bird

The Game Bird GB1 with its 7.7 m wingspan and 6.9 m long. A 235 kts VNE and a stall speed of 56 kts. © J.M. Ulracher / Game Bird

Driven by a Lycoming AEIO-580 of 303 hp, the GB1 does not exceed 585 kg empty for 880 max at ± 10G and 999 kg at ± 6G. Its vividness is given for 400 ° / s, its cruising speed at 75% for 370 km / h (the VNE is 435 km / h) and the stall at 104 km / h. In addition, its range is 1,850 km with 30 minutes reserve, its cargo holds 15 kg of luggage and its comfortable cabin can accommodate pilots from 1.50 m to 2.02 m. And the geometry of the landing gear would greatly facilitate take-off and landing maneuvers … The base price of GameBird 1 is set at $ 400,000.

Gabriel Gavard